American Eldritch and American Eldritch Comics: Available July 4th!

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Celebrate liberation from monarchy and the blood of our masters by purchasing a copy of American Eldritch, a new journal featuring weird art and literature. Issue number one includes fiction and essays by HP Lovecraft, R. Wess, Mac Smullen, Ambrose Bierce, and many more, as well as visual artists including but not limited to Jen Plaskowitz, D. Edward Calhoun, Alex Cobble, and Rosemary Liss.

$10.00, 150 pages. Published by the American Eldritch Society for the Preservation of Hearsay and Rumor. Preorder your copies NOW by putting 10.00 in a bank account and setting a timer for July 4th at midnight and then ordering it on amazon when they’re available.

Also available July 4th: American Eldritch Comics no. 1! What a great weekend for small press weird art enthusiasts. Featuring stories by Jackson Wingate, Lord Dunsany, Efraim Klein, Winsor McCay, and D. Edward Calhoun! 22 pages, full color, $7.50. 

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