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1.5 Million views, posted to the Funny subreddit. “The mouse has been outsmarting me for weeks, I finally upped my game.”


Get it? Because Steve Carell loves the lamp in that movie, but he’s dressed like that guy from that other movie who also loves his lamp.

I don’t know how this image didn’t blow up anywhere, I think it’s one of the most important pieces I’ve ever created. Other titles I considered shopping: A Streetshark Named Desire, A Hard Day’s Nightcrawler.

“The Revelation of Olivia Benson,” a gif I made of Taylor Swift’s cat from a picture she instagrammed.

Someone on reddit saw an Adventure Time character in their pepper; I fully realized their vision with a 2 minute photoshop job.

A mirror I left in the woods to inspire passersby.

And the following series of images was my first big hit on social media: a craigslist sublet ad which was featured on There was a lot of buzz, and a bunch of articles posted about it. I was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Fishbowl respectively. The Ad: