American Eldritch no.1

A Journal of Weird Art and Literature, Featuring:

Classic Nonfiction

Supernatural Horror in Literature, by HP Lovecraft and Anika Cabot
The Letters of Caroline Mary Stone, by Carline Mary Stone and Mina Waterpenny, with an introduction by R. Wess

New Nonfiction

Significant Fissures, by Aladdin Collar
Jersualem, by Jen Plaskowitz
Pioneer Woman, by Lily Herman, with Anika Cabot
Without Name, by Lina Misitzis, with illustrations by Aladdin Collar
A Visit to The Natural History Museum of Cryptozoology, by Kit Goodman

Classic Fiction

The Statue of Silence, by Clark Ashton Smith, with illustrations by D. Edward Calhoun
An Inhabitant of Carcosa, by Ambrose Bierce, with illustrations by Alex Cobble
The Lighthouse Keeper, by R. Wess, with illustrations by Alex Cobble
Four o Clock, by Sonia Greene, with illustrations by Rosemary Liss

New Fiction

Brownies, by Kelsey Paulus, with illustrations by Mina Waterpenny
Lord Maximillian Draak and the Third Party, by Mac Smullen, with illustrations by Aladdin Collar

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