At the Mountains of Madness

Precambrian Horror

Precambrian Horror

AVAILABLE NOW from American Eldritch Press. This volume includes a new introduction from Aladdin Collar, as well as eleven pages of supplemental starfish, catalogued from an antarctic expedition in the early 1920’s.

From the introduction, “Mad As the Mist and Snow”:

Lovecraft, herein, follows his standard model for cosmic horror: a perfectly rational man of logic makes discoveries that he cannot explain without reëvauating the very nature of his reality. It’s a model well-suited for the period of time in which Lovecraft lives. Evolution, atomic theory, psychology and the theory of relativity vex the grey ranks of humanity that are not keen to embrace new paradigms. Ancient religious belief, which permeates American culture, cannot be adequately retrofitted to account for the vast geological history of the earth, or the unplumbed gulfs of infinite space beyond our own meager skies.

Like many great poets before him, Lovecraft recognized his people were overdue for a new myth to explain their origins on Earth – one that would account for the recovered aeons of our immemorial past.